Robyn Frisch – Founder & CEO
Robyn began her career in the pharmaceutical industry when she joined one of the largest Import & Export Trading companies in China of chemical and pharmaceutical raw materials. Robyn traveled throughout China visiting many different chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturers and developed a broad understanding of the sourcing, manufacturing, and supply process. By the age of 24, Robyn became the youngest manager in the Foreign Trade Industry of Sinochem Yantai. In October of 1990, Robyn took a step towards her American dream and arrived in New York with two empty hands but a heart filled with determination. An ancient Chinese proverb states “A bird yearns to fly and reach new heights; a fish yearns for the vast ocean to truly swim freely.” Robyn believed that America was her sky and she was the bird, ready to fly. Robyn’s knowledge and experience in the pharmaceutical industry along with growing customers in North America and Europe, served as her foundation for taking the entrepreneurial leap. In 1994, Rochem International Inc. was founded by Robyn in the small office of her home.


Matt Thiel – President
Matt has been a member of the Rochem team since March 2003. Prior to joining Rochem, he spent nearly ten years with the Perrigo Company in purchasing which allowed him the opportunity to travel in Asia. Matt has an extensive background in pharmaceuticals, as well as the nutritional industry. His background also afforded him the chance to do a wide range of business throughout Asia with a very strong focus in China. Matt was part of a team, which set up a Joint Venture on an API facility in China. His extensive travels in China during previous and current roles, provide a solid foundation of knowledge and support for Rochem’s business and growth strategy. Matt knows the challenges with sourcing chemicals from Asia and is dedicated to finding a way to provide value to customers.


Charles Dods – Executive Vice President 
Charles joined Rochem in August 2005 and is based in Lichfield, England. He spent his early career with Boots Pharmaceuticals and subsequently worked in various senior management positions with BASF’s Pharmaceutical Ingredients business both in the US and Germany. “In my experience, when it comes to ingredients, China can be a source of great opportunities or a minefield. Rochem has a track record of pinpointing the opportunities for our customers and avoiding the mines. Local knowledge, a deep understanding of the culture and managing the supplier relationship, allows Rochem to offer real value to our customers.”


John Mucci – Chief Operating Officer 
John Mucci joined the Rochem team in the winter of 2010. John was previously a part of a management team that developed a company into one of the largest builders of textile machines in the Northeast U.S. John has a proven track record in the fields of manufacturing, warehouse layout and distribution, ISO 9001, SAP, MRP, SOPs. John has played an instrumental role in leading Rochem to a new level of automation and efficiency and continues to call on his nearly 30 years of experience to lead Rochem’s organization to new levels of growth and success.


Tom DeRosa – Chief Financial Officer 
Tom DeRosa has been a member of the Rochem team since June 2015. Prior to joining Rochem, Tom served as Vice President/General Manager for Kongberg Gruppen, a large defense contractor. He brings with him over 30 years of senior level accounting, controls, planning and analysis, and operations capabilities. Tom plays an active role in managing relationships with Rochem’s financial institution partners and continues to improve Rochem’s internal accounting procedures as well as focus on ways to innovate for future success.


David Waite – Executive Vice President, Sales & Marketing 
David Waite joined the Rochem team as Executive Vice President, Sales and Marketing in September of 2016. David joined Rochem after having spent 9 years with West-Ward Pharmaceutical as Sr. Director of Sales where he led the strategic development of their entire sales, customer service and marketing teams. David brings with him nearly 30 years of experience in leading top industry sales/marketing departments and Rochem is excited to have someone of his caliber and successful track record on the team.