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Bringing Quality Chinese Ingredients To Customers In North America And Europe Is My Life’s Passion."

~ Robyn Frisch, Founder, CEO

After graduating college in 1984 with a degree in English Literature, Robyn joined one of the largest Import & Export Trading companies in China handling chemical and pharmaceutical raw materials.

With her youthful enthusiasm Robyn traveled throughout China visiting many different chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturers. She created a working knowledge and understanding of the entire sourcing, manufacturing, and supply process.

Robyn was exposed to the international business world and excelled at the semi-annual Guangzhou Export Commodity Fair. By the age of 24, she became the youngest manager in the entire Foreign Trade Industry of Sinochem Yantai.

In October of 1990, Robyn took a step towards her American dream. She arrived in New York with two empty hands and a heart filled with determination.

An ancient Chinese proverb states “A bird yearns to fly and reach new heights; a fish yearns for the vast ocean to truly swim freely.” Robyn believed that America was to become her sky and she was the bird, ready to fly.

In 1994, ROCHEM International Inc. was founded by Robyn in a small office of her home. In 1996, as a result of Robyn’s ambition and consistent hard work, ROCHEM expanded and re-located to an office building in Great Neck, NY. ROCHEM’s growing hard-working team coupled with Robyn’s constant dedication resulted in yet another expansion and the purchase of an office and warehousing building in Ronkonkoma, NY in 2002.

After years of success, ROCHEM’s Ronkonkoma location no longer fit the growing company’s needs and Robyn purchased and fully renovated their current headquarters and warehousing facility located in Hauppauge, NY, which celebrated it’s grand opening in 2014.

ROCHEM now operates out of 14 offices worldwide. ROCHEM’s elite team of employees have all been carefully chosen and have extensive knowledge and experience in the pharmaceutical industry. Robyn describes herself as a dreamer who understands hard work and is guided by strict principles.

She vows to continue fulfilling her dream. Working exclusively with top manufacturers in China, ROCHEM has earned a reputation recognized by a growing global clientele.

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